I have been a quiet godmother for forty years and loved the opportunity to be a small part of my godchildren’s lives.  Being a godmother is the best and most rewarding role I have ever filled. It has allowed me to build deep and long term relationships with wonderful godchildren and their families and has created a special bond and role in my godchildren’s lives.

Because I love being a godmother I want to encourage and support others to experience and share the happiness and love that comes from being a special person in the life of a child.
It’s special if you have your own children and gives a new perspective and its extra special if don’t have children yourself and there are more and more people choosing that life path today.

So why choose to be a godmother? Godmothers are extra special people who may be inside or outside the child’s family, may be chosen by the child or their family and are there to give their special little person love, support, advice, to console, to lean on or give a cuddle on difficult days.  They may be religiously appointed or secular – or simply a special person in a child’s life. They are an extra special reliable, usually older, friend no matter what you call them.

Today godmothers get called lots of things – not always godmother! It might be ‘special person’ or ‘aunty’ or ‘mate’ or ‘special friend’ and of course it can also be  ‘godfather’ or ‘uncle’ too!! My choice is godmother!

My website has collected together some useful information for godmothers, parents and godchildren. It’s a place to ask a question or add some information and I hope to see you here soon.

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