I was so excited to be asked by my lovely friends Angela and Gordon to be ‘special person’ to their first daughter – my darling goddaughter Zia. Of course I accepted immediately.

On a sunny day we gathered, dressed to the nines, for a memorable picnic in the park with friends and family and lots of little ones who giggled and laughed and showed us all how to completely enjoy this day together.

At one-year old Zia was fully of energy and crawled around liberally distributing kisses and cuddles and showing even then a talent for entertainment and music – a talent that she developed into a lovely singing voice and skill on guitar and piano.

On that day, the warm and creative celebrant made the day really memorable with a service that brought us together with special words and engaged everyone in the unique ceremony that welcomed Zia into our lives. I was full of joy and emotion listening to Zia’s parents state their hopes and dreams for her future and felt a heart full of love giving my commitment to be a Special Person and there for Zia throughout her life.

I went to visit about a week later – I walked into the house, pushed open the living room door and there was Zia focused on toys and teddies, playing happily on the floor – she looked up and when she saw me she smiled then squealed with delight and lifted up her arms to be picked up.

My heart melted. Zia had seen me and wanted me to cuddle her.

It’s such a common signal from a small child, one that a Mother and Father see every day or even ten times a day, something that becomes commonplace for them as they reach out to pick up their beloved child.

For me it was exceptional and simply heaven on wheels. Zia knew me, she wanted me to pick her up and she gave me the cuddle of my life.

I was in tears of happiness for ages – I experienced what a parent feels when they first see their child reach out to them. I had been seen, loved and important to this small and very much-loved child.

This remains one of the best moments and memories of my life and I hope you one day you experience the same wonder when you become a godmother or godfather.


A smile is worth a million dollars
Photo by Senjuti Kundu on Unsplash

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