We all make little ones all day and every day – chicken or salad sandwich, early bus or late bus, red shoes or black boots…  

We make big ones regularly too – this boy or that boy, this study subject or that one, college or university?

Later in life they might be life-changing decisions – a baby now or a baby later, marry this one or live with that one… 

… and they are not all easy decisions – try a drug or stand up to friends and say no, disappoint family who want you to stay close to home, or move away for an exciting job with career prospects.

We make them and they shape our lives

Sometime later you look back on your decision and judge it as a success – I did well… I made the grade… I got the girl…

…  and sometimes you look back and feel regret for not making a different choice – I could have… I should have… I might have…

So how do you make the ‘right’ decision?

Well, the only decision you can make is the one that’s supported by all the information you have available at that moment in time. 

A good start is to with your research, maybe get professional advice, work out the likely risks and rewards, balance the positives and negatives and then look at your options.

…. Next check with someone whose opinion you trust – that could be family, or close friends, maybe ask your godmother, check in to see what your gut says……  and at the end of the day use all of that valuable information to make your decision.

Remember that very, very rarely is a decision ‘right’ or ‘wrong’

It can only be the ‘best’ decision on that day – the only one you can make at that time and you make it ‘right’ by going for it fully and completely once you have decided. No point in regret, unhappiness or upset a lot later – it’s done and it was the best you could do at the time.  You gave it your best shot!

Photo by Vanessa Serpas on Unsplash

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