A day with my godchildren is a delight. There are so many adventures to choose from so my aim is to give them an experience of something new to make a happy memory. Adventures don’t have to be big or planned in detail; they can come anytime and anywhere if you look for them – even from a simple walk down the high street. 

My godchildren James and John were keen on getting an ice-cream. On the way to their favourite shop we looked in every window to check out strange and wonderful items they spotted as we passed.

All thoughts of ice-cream disappeared when they saw the fire station the doors were open and the Fieries were there cleaning, polishing and chatting. No time to ask permission before the two of them headed straight inside, keen to help the firemen and women, joyfully grabbing the proffered cloths to do their bit on the shiny engine. Excited questions tumbled out of them about the equipment, buttons and levers, the pumping equipment and hoses which were all answered with a smile, great kindness and generosity. 

Visit the Chicago Firehouse @ https://www.facebook.com/CFD98and11/

After ten minutes of effort and a hundred questions they were tickled pink to be lifted into the cab to polish the seats and steering wheel. Fire hats on their heads their imagination took off and they were on the way to fight a fire making the siren noises themselves and pretending to turn the steering wheel… soon after they were off to rescue a white cat up a tree and then to douse a bushfire. 

Finally they reluctantly took their leave with many thanks and grins from ear to ear to get their ice-cream. 

Firemen and women do a great job for the community and are heroes for the little kids who idolise them. I admire their patience as they must get asked the same questions time after time from little ones who listen with rapt attention to their big heroes in uniform.

Our day with the fire team was the most exciting adventure they had for quite a while because they shared snippets of information about the fire engine for months afterwards. 

You can do the same for a low-cost day out. Check if your local fire stations offer tours – I can guarantee it will be an educational and exciting adventure.

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