My Journey as a godmother

Around 40 years ago my best friend in the whole world had a beautiful baby boy and asked me to be his godmother – i was so delighted and could think of nothing more wonderful than being a special person in this little persons life. It was a big challenge to do that as he lived in England and I had moved to live in Australia so this was going to be a long distance relationship with my first UK godchild.

Closer to home my boyfriend became a godfather to a friends little girl – she was simply gorgeous so of course i bought her gifts and cuddled her and saw lots of her and when the boyfriend went off into the sunset leaving me and all his friends behind i stepped in to be her godmother instead – that made her my first Australian godchild.

Then things really started to move my friends had children and some asked me to be godmother as they knew i loved children. But things got challenging after a few years – friends could not ask me to be godmother to all of their children, sometimes i had a different religion so I could not qualify as a godmother for their children, some did not have a formal religious ceremony or a civil naming ceremony. But no matter i loved them all and treated every child the same especially when given valuable guidance by one of my ‘unofficial’ godchildren.

At the age of 3 she changed my godmother role completely – she asked her mum one day who her godmother was as i was her brothers godmother. Informed that it was her Aunt she became upset and teary – and could not be consoled she wanted me instead. So on the spot I told her i’d be her godmother too – problem solved, tears disappeared and from that time i simply took on one and all as they appeared and brought joy into my life – all being my godchildren and getting gifts and cards and calls and cuddles.

Today i have 26 godchildren, two grand godchildren and six ( or is it seven!) great godchildren! Eight of them are ‘official’ and the remainder are adopted but i cannot remember which are which these days – i love them all!

Its absolutely wonderful to see them grow and develop and take their own path in the world as they grow. Sadly the road has not always been smooth as one of my godchildren died and is still very much missed for his smile, mischievous ways and his sunny character.

Every godchild has given me so much love and happiness and delight on the way i would not change a moment of it. i am truly honoured and humbled that my friends have invited, welcomed and allowed me to share in the wonder of their children and trust me as their godmother.

Just a couple of comments from my godchildren:

“You are the ultimate godmother 😄😃😀”

“You have the biggest heart of anyone I know! We are so lucky to have someone like you in our lives- always there to offer support and advice in times of need. For that I will always be grateful!”