Photo by Robin Utracik

Godmothers and godfathers came from a religious tradition, and strongly linked to the Christian faith, at a time when adult life was often short and death frequent due to infections disease or injury. Children became orphans so the role of a Godparent was to take responsibility for the orphan, to provide care and ensure it received education. Individuals were also given the responsibility of looking after their godson or goddaughter’s spiritual path. While this is still the case in families with religious affiliations, the name is now used more broadly outside of the church, usually to mean an adult who plays a supporting or mentoring role in the life of the child.

“The modern godparent will be someone a child can turn to not only in times of celebration but also in times of crisis, a mentor in whom to confide and possibly a source of advice,” says Wendy. As the old saying goes, ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ and by choosing a godparent or mentor, parents are bringing extra guidance and support into their child’s life from an early age.

Each religion has its own advice on selecting a godparent and some are very specific about the criteria. If invited you will be appointed at a special and very moving religious ceremony. However most religions require you to be of the faith so check the specifics on the drop down pages.

Outside the very strict religious ways of selection there are several ways to become a godmother you could be invited to or you might be selected by a child or be close to the family circle and take on the special role yourself by putting a little one in your heart.

For parents….

Ideally a godparent is someone who will have regular contact with your child, someone they will see often and get to trust and love. Someone who will be there for the important events in your childs life – birthdays, special days such as Christmas or Eid

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