Photo by Livia Korandy

something bad happened and it hurts

You might need to talk to someone right now just click here for the number of someone to talk to right now.

Something bad happened to you once, twice, lots of times, too many times ….

Or happened to your family …

Or to your friend …

Or perhaps someone you saw on the street …

Or even someone you didn’t know but felt for …

It hurts and it hurts your head, your heart, some of your body or your whole body.

You are confused, feel lost, can’t stop the hurt or thinking about it, don’t know how to go on. What you need most is someone to give you a hug, and hold you and let you cry and sob and weep – it helps let the hurt out.

Then talk to Mum, Dad, sister, brother or a friend, someone you trust, your godmother or a councillor or if its just too difficult to tell anyone who knows you then there is a caring person on a phone line right now ….

If you can’t talk about it because it hurts too much – let someone who cares about you know something bad happened and you hurt inside. Tell them how you feel – is it frightened, scared, hollowed out, angry, mad as hell, or like its so funny you want to laugh when its not funny at the same time, like its going to happen again or you feel on your own even in a room of people because no-one knows ….

Everyone feels different and how you feel is right and Ok.

Letting a little out and reaching out for someone to hug you, to listen, to lean on to help you be safe and keep you away from more hurt is so important.

Every hurt is different – some stay a while, some stay forever, some get better, some get much worse, some you learn to live with and some you feel you can’t live with. Only you will know. Trust yourself but talk to someone because hurt scrambles how you feel and someone who cares can help you sort out those feelings.

You can always find someone no matter how bad it is, no matter how big or how scary no matter how few friends or family you have because there are caring people waiting on the phone now – click here for the number of someone to talk to right now.