gifts to buy for your godchild’s christening, baptism or naming ceremony

godparents are expected to give a gift and its an enduring relationship so aim to buy something timeless that can be enjoyed today and be kept as something very special.

If the christening is a religious and significant one then an appropriate gift might be a bible, prayer book, religious statue, candle with name and date, necklace with a cross or a rosary if Roman Catholic. In the orthodox church it is customary for godparents to  buy the christening robes and a necklace with a gold cross. Its usually a good idea to check with parents what they see as appropriate.

God parents and parents often give something gold while other close relatives and friends might buy a silver or pewter keepsake such as silver christening mugs, cutlery, bangles. Its best to check with the parents so they don’t receive multiples of the same thing and they may prefer something practocal like clothing if money is tight.

Photo frames and money boxes are popular but again best to check so your godchild does not receive more than they can ever use. Having the gift engraved with the child’s name, christening date and a special message is a lovely personal touch but check the spelling with the parents first!

For a girl a silver charm bracelet or a pandora bracelet can be worn through their life and you can add a charm and a memory on special occasions for many years to come. For boys a simple bracelet may be enjoyed throughout life or cufflinks are a traditional gift but not one they are likely to use for some time or frequently in a casual world!

Royal Doulton “Bunnykinds Nurseryware’ are cups and plates designed for small children featuring children’s illustrations of rabbits running around the rim, they have been a popular and enduring gift since first produced in the early 1950’s.

Money invested for your godchild’s education fund or a savings account is something that may be very welcome – check with parents for this one.

Beautiful editions of traditional children’s books can be enjoyed and kept for future generations to enjoy. very popular are ‘Day you were born’ or ‘On this Day’ books or DVD’s which bring together significant events which append on the child’s birth day. A set of coins minted in the year of their birth or christening are interesting keepsakes and retain their value.  ‘What your name mean’s’ certificates and signature teddy bears that all guests can sign at the christening or traditional teddy bears are all common contemporary gifts.

Wine or scotch which will be ready to drink when the child comes of age is very popular option but best to get expert advice before buying. The wine must be quality with have a good track record with a skilled winemaker, a vintage if champagne and one that will mature for 20 years. They are out there and will be more than you’d usually spend on a ‘drink now’ wine or champagne and they then need to be kept in suitable conditions to mature and not spoil. It will pay you to do the research first becasue the wrong grape, a second quailty wine or wine kept too warm will just taste like vinegar when its opened and everyone will be disappointed. The scotch is equally important to buy a recognised premium brand which will appreciate in taste and value.

Plant a tree or name a star for the child.

Christening registry’s are starting to be used by parents for toys, clothing, books etc and you will be given details with the invitation.

Sometimes the most simple gifts are the best. A letter written to your godchild before the ceremony and placed in a beautiful envelope telling them what being a godparent means to you and what you promise to do in their life is a perfect gift for them to read and treasure as they grow older.

Parents may present a small gift to a godmother to remember the day – it may be a photo frame with a photo of you and your godchild, a gift certificate or personal letter of thanks and appreciation.