Photo by Chris

Values are the beliefs that guide and underpin our actions, the fundamental beliefs of a person (or organisation). They are guiding principles that dictate behavior and action and can help us to decide know what is right from wrong.

Values are the things we hold as so important that they act as signposts when a decision comes up to guide us in life.

My values will be different from yours, some are life long some you adopt as you go but all help shape who we are.

  • Honesty – i tell the truth, sometimes that can be hard especially when you have done wrong and have to confess, some times its hard because the truth might hurt someone so it has to be said with care and consideration for a persons feelings
  • Caring & Compassion– we are here to help others, to make others lives easier and hearts lighter by lending a helping hand when needed
  • Respect – your way may be different to my way and that’s OK, sometimes i might like to think my way is better but i acknowledge yours is equally valid.
  • Individual choice – i think everyone should have the right to make their own decisions. Providing advice IF asked or guiding a person to find relevant information is often a basis for choice.
  • Accountability & Transparency – Once you make a choice or act then you are accountable for that action and must stand beside it and be open about it
  • Tomorrow is a new day – we have a chance to try again, to look at things differently, to take another step forward and to make our lives better. No day is perfect – we can always strive for more.

My values have helped me when asked questions by my godchildren so i think its well worth taking some time to work out what your values are as you become a godparent.