Photo by Ute Kroder

These are the books I have found so far – send me a note if you know others that should be on the list as a resource for others

Godparents: A Celebration of those Special People in our lives – Michelle Deliso

This delightful little volume offers an engaging, useful, nondenominational look at the role of godparents today. Written for anyone who is choosing godparents or has been asked to become one, Godparents is filled with fascinating tidbits, ranging from the history of godparenting, to the best gifts to give on various occasions, such as baptisms or naming ceremonies, and other important milestones in a godchild’s life.

Godparenting – Nurturing the next generation – Nancy Ann McLaughlin & Tracey E. Herzer

Being a godparent is a great honor—and a sacred responsibility. Baptism, after all, is at the center of Christian life, and godparents play a critical role in celebrating this sacrament. When you accept the invitation to sponsor a little one, what exactly are you promising to do?

Someone to watch over me – Peter Hinton & Iona Joy

In the UK alone there are more godparents in existence than parents. Year after year hundreds of thousands of responsible adults get asked to become godparents and accept without quite knowing what exactly is expected of them and how they might best try and fulfill the role. Someone to watch over me sets out to explain where the tradition of godparents comes from, what is involved in being a godparent, how parents should choose godparents for their children and provide ideas and resources for how godparents can perform the role better.

The Gift of Godparents: For those chosen with Love & Trust to be Godparents – Tom Sheridan

This upbeat, down-to-earth explanation of the sacrament of Baptism and the responsibilities of godparenting blends touching stories of real-life godparents with suggestions about how to help a godchild grow in the faith from baptism to adulthood.

The Godparent Book – Elaine Ramshaw

This book offers an abundance of ideas for things that godparents and godchildren can do from before Baptism through adulthood. Included are suggestions for building the relationship by sharing the memories, thoughts, values, prayers, and seasons of Christian life. Published by Liturgy Training Publications.