Photo by Aneta Blaszcyk

Godmothers are extra special people who may be inside or outside your family, may be chosen by your family or by you, and are there to give you love, support, advice, to console, there to lean on or give you a cuddle on difficult days.  They may be religiously appointed or secular – or simply a special person in your life. They are an extra special reliable, usually older, friend no matter what you call them.


Being a godmother is the best and most rewarding thing ever. You build a long term relationship with wonderful children and their families and you have a special bond and role in your godchild’s life.

Of course godmothers get called lots of things – not always godmother! You can be a ‘special person’ or an ‘aunty’ or a ‘mate’ or a ‘special friend’ and of course you can be a ‘godfather’ too!! I’m a godmother and very proud so my word is godmother but you can use whichever word is right for you.