A godmother is someone who adds love and support and interest in your child. You choose someone you can trust, someone you know well and someone close to your family who you know will be there in their lives as they grow.

Godmothers are never there to replace you but as you can’t be there for your child all the time it’s reassuring to have someone else you can trust and rely on to provide support when you are not around or, especially as they get older, when your child feels they can’t talk to you straightaway.

  • Someone I know well and who shares my values and views on life and I can trust to talk to my child and guide them as I would
  • Another adult who I know is trustworthy and has integrity and will show care and affection for my child
  • A friend my child can talk to if they are sad or unhappy 
  • A close friend who cares about me, my family and my child
  • Someone my child can talk to about a health worry if they are nervous about talking to me
  • Someone else my child can tell if they are being bullied or hassled at school or college
  • They are interested and want to hear about my child and their interests and successes
  • A friend who is interested in my child and their welfare and upbringing
  • A responsible person my child can trust and confide in if they are depressed
  • Someone I can trust to take my child on outings and keep them safe
  • Someone who will give my child religious guidance and information